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Height: 5’ 4”                     Weight: 115 Ibs                           Measurements: 32-26-35              
Shoe: 6.5 or 7               Dress: 3                        Hair: Black                       Eyes: Brown


Fashion Shows:
High Fashion Couture                 Exhibit-Jezebel                  The Fashion Museum
High Fashion Couture                 Runway                               Mau Mau Enterprises
Urban Wear                                  Runway                               Rock the Runway
Sportswear (Core International) Runway                           WE Design/American  
                                                                                                      Exclusive Magazine
High Fashion/Urban (Gossip)    Runway                              Urban Fashion Network
High Fashion Couture                  Runway                              Hines Ward Charity/Taste
Urban Couture                              Runway                              The Marketing Studio
Urban Wear                                   Runway                              Redson Media/GodDynasty
Urban Wear                                   Runway                              Cali Chic


Icy Magazine                                 Lingerie Spread                 Icy Magazine
Urban Mainstream Magazine   Editorial Spread                 UM Magazine

Promotional Modeling
Shawty Lo Engagement Party                                                 Cali Chic
Drexina Nelson Photography    Grand Opening                    Drexina Photography
Makeup Forever                           Face Model                          Makeup Forever


Ethnicity Reality Show                 Model                                   Ethnicity Models
UM Model Bootcamp (2011)       Host/Model                         UM Magazine
Trina Braxton Music Video          Model                                    Bravo TV

Single Ladies                                 Extra/Model                         VH1


Nichole Taylor Firm              Modeling & Acting Techniques       Atlanta


Special Skills:
Hip Hop, Singing, Ice Skating, Volleyball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Hockey, Badminton, Artistic Painting & Drawing, Track & Field

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